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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

#Event: The Fashionable Olympic

Yup! The 2012 Olympic Games at London was over. Not only every athletes that had to compete on the games, but the world-class designers also had to compete by showing their most stylist uniform. From Ralph Lauren, to Stella McCartney, Hermes, Salvatore ferragamo, and Georgio Armani, were made this Olympic Games looks like a small runaway parade. ;)

Despite the controversy of team USA’s uniform that being made in China, Ralph Lauren gave the classic American style at the opening ceremony in navy blue. While the more informal looks of the team, were fitted with its authentic Polo-shirt.


Great Britain :
The daughter of Paul McCartney, has collaborated with Adidas designed the team Great Britain’s uniforms. Despite the less-interesting uniform that fitted by the team at the opening ceremony, Stella McCartney shows promises in designing the athlete’s kit. She brought the colors of Great Britain’s flag (red, blue, and white) to its design.

(via: getty images)

France :
Hermes now takes the chances to designing the equestrian team of France. While the all official uniforms for the team were fitted by Adidas, and yet it still looks stylist.


San Marino :
Salvatore Ferragamo have been designed the official uniform for San Marino. Well, by looking to its sketches I think it is the most stylist looks for the Olympic Games in London.


Italy :
The Italian team had a fashion house of Georgio Armani to design the official uniforms. It is mostly black and white in color.

(via: vittorio zunino celotto, getty images)

Indonesia :
Yup! While the world-class designers have been designed the most stylist looks, the Indonesian team have its authentic Batik to outfitting the Olympic Ceremony. Since Batik has claimed as the world heritage by UNESCO, it is perfectly represent the nation. Well, I think that would be great, if the famous Indonesian designers more experimenting the uniforms design with traditional cloth like Batik and Ikat.


But wait, since Korean wave has been hitting Indonesia. I’ve been curious what the uniforms of South Korea looks like? So here it is. Filla and Bean Pole are collaborated to design the South Korea uniforms. And yet, the design still has the taste of K-pop style. :p 


And here are the Girl's Generation (SNSD), wearing their Olympic Uniforms for the photo shoot of Korean magazine. How do they looks guys? ;)


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