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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

#Arts : [Pop Art] WPAP (Wheda’s Pop Art Portrait)

Pop art is kind of an art movement that developed in the mid 1950s in Britain and in the late 1950s in US. Actually at that time, pop art is used by artists as mass-produced visual commodities of popular culture with perspective of fine art such as, advertising, comic books, product labeling and logo.

But did you know? Indonesia has developed itself a modern pop art style. It is called WPAP (Wheda’s Pop Art Portrait), which is founded by Mr. Wheda Abdul Rasyid. He is also known as an illustrator of Hai Magazine in Indonesia. WPAP has it’s own style and uniqueness. The contrast colors are on of every shapes of every single portrait, way of modern pop art style.

And so to the dedication of this new way of pop art style, there is an art society called WPAP Community that coverage for those who want to learn and become the member. So far, WPAP community has been launched their online shop of merchandises, t-shirts, calendar and artworks. There are well-known, legendary and influential people of the world as their WPAP’s works. All you have to do just visit their web at, then you can purchase your favorite one. Well… support our local awesomeness J.
(sumber : Wikipedia, wpapcommunity.blogspot)

(Rihanna : By Eva Riny)

(Bruce Lee : by Walet)

(Johnny Rotten : by Achid)

(Robert Smith : by Tony)
(pictures : from

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

#Urban Spot : [Sabang 16] Coffee Shop With Local Taste

There are many coffee shops that offer tons of coffee taste, here in Jakarta. But there are only a few places that offer local taste of coffee and beverages. It is Sabang 16, one of the coffee shops that offer us the local taste.

I knew that this place was so hype on twitter. Peoples are recommending this place. *twitter know me so well :p* Then I am just being curious, and.. I got my first stop in here. Well, actually me and my buddy @doedetz quite not sure where exactly Sabang 16 is? But thank to technology, we found the location via foursquare. After take a quite long walking *because we had get off at the wrong bus shelter -_-“* but finally we got this place

Sabang 16 is located near the corner intersection of Jalan H. Agus Salim/Sabang. If you go via Trans Jakarta, you can stop at Bank Indonesia shelter. Then take a walk trough Jalan Kebon Sirih to Jalan H. Agus Salim. From the front you can see the standing blackboard and a window that written “Sabang 16”. When entering to the inside the space of Sabang 16 is tiny and rectangular-shaped. The interior room is welcoming us with the warm atmosphere. Lots of Pictures on the wall that have taken from the past add more vintage-look to the room. There are pictures of Our first President (Soekarno), our second President (Soeharto), and other national heroes. Then on the opposite side of wall, there is a big mirror to manipulate the space look more wide. The multifunction bar that located opposite to the door and the window, is filled with vintage accessories and the local products. And not forget to mention that there is also a big LCD TV on the wall. 

(vintage accessories,local products, and magazines)
Speaking of the coffee taste, there are coffee from local (unfortunately I can’t remember what?) that offer to us. But the most wanted one is “kopi tetes” (viatnamese), and Srikaya Toast. Kopi tetes is coffee mixed with milk (Susu kental manis) that served with coffee filter device above the glass, so that the coffee liquid is fall from the device. That is why it called kopi tetes. Meanwhile the srikaya toast has a great taste. It is two pieces of breads that added with srikaya between the pieces, mmm… major yummy...

(Srikaya Toast, and Kopi Tetes)
(Root Beer "Badak", and ice cream)
(Me @ Sabang 16)
*unfortunately I didn't bring my digital camera, so this was the best shot that I got with my smartphone* -,-"

The interesting ones, is the local products from North Sumatera that offer to us. That is root bear which is Called Badak, brand from Siantar (if am not mistake). And so with the milk (susu kental manis) is also from the local product (I can’t remember the brand). I think these local products are not mass product to distribute in other region. Yet, it is great idea to bring the local products here in Jakarta, so that we are more aware and familiar with our local products. Happy brewing :)